TACOLEO Hồ CHí MíNH Great Mexican Food in VietNam

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4 sao trên tổng 261 đánh giá
18 May 2019 tại 10:56 My favorite restaurant. Order almost everyday. Stable quality. Fast delivery
18 May 2019 tại 10:52 Delicious
17 May 2019 tại 11:32 Everything on the menu sounds good, so it’s difficult to choose. Overall it was a delicious meal and I would highly recommend this restaurant.
17 May 2019 tại 11:28 Excellent meal. Fast delivery. You can choose vegan or non vegan, spicy or non spicy.
16 May 2019 tại 13:09 Very good burritos. Fast delivery.
10 May 2019 tại 21:56 big portions. good value. fast delivery. excellent
16 Apr 2019 tại 0:33 Fast food great taste only thing forgot the fork ate with my fingers
26 Mar 2019 tại 23:08 Chicken was so dry.
22 Mar 2019 tại 20:19 Great tasting food
14 Mar 2019 tại 11:34 Delivery guy sat outside of my apartment block, called me screaming in Vietnamese several times before the restaurant told me he was in the lobby which wasn't true. All told it took a good 45 min to find the guy. Not exactly delivery, more like hide and s
21 Jan 2019 tại 23:11 If you ever wonder what Mexican food would taste like with pickles, this is the place. Didn’t finish much of it. Overall didn’t taste fresh and the sauces were very odd (cheese sauce seemed to have flour in it and guacamole seemed to lack avocado.)
26 Dec 2018 tại 2:09 The food was quite good and the price surprisingly cheap. I also liked the fact that this restaurant also accepts credit cards. Many don't.