TACOLEO Hồ CHí MíNH Great Mexican Food in VietNam

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4.5 sao trên tổng 282 đánh giá
16 Sep 2019 tại 8:44 The app showed a line on the map that started at the restaurant but did not go to my house. This was confusing - was it just an image, or did the app somehow have my address wrong? The food came 10 min ahead of schedule, so I dunno.
4 Aug 2019 tại 8:33 Although the food was great, TacoLeo uses tiny staples on food containers. On the last two orders, I specifically requested NO STAPLES. However, the food came with staples and rubber bands. I feel this is a dangerous situation and I won't order again.
27 Jul 2019 tại 21:48 Big portion, fresh taste, fast delivery. Keep up the good work
22 Jul 2019 tại 1:54 Only orderd 5 plain tortilla and only recived 4. If the make mistakes at such a small order I don't want to order from them anymore
19 Jul 2019 tại 22:29 Good Mexican Food. Love the Tacos!
25 Jun 2019 tại 9:40 Rapide, cuisine délicieuse, top !
17 Jun 2019 tại 11:54 Very good. Thank you
15 Jun 2019 tại 9:44 Terrible. Tasteless, stale, dry, boring. The mushroom and pumpkin burrito is filled with 75% mushrooms only and a couple chunks of pumpkin and tomato. Nachos were dull. No real cheese and only 1 cheese sauce in a tiny little tub. No guac available.
5 Jun 2019 tại 11:39 Delicious as always. Fast delivery. Thank you.
4 Jun 2019 tại 9:33 Good bad delivery!