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4 sao trên tổng 294 đánh giá
18 Nov 2019 tại 22:49 Ordered from here for nearly 2 years, and it’s been fantastic. But the last 4-6 weeks it has been utterly terrible. My food was stone cold again and absolutely disgusting tonight. I will not be ordering again.
9 Nov 2019 tại 14:01 Absolutely despicable. Salad was small, and not fresh. Forgot the side rice, which came 3o min later with another driver.When it came, it was half the size of normally.While on the phone wih them, the lady was rude,hung up on me, refused to give her name
31 Oct 2019 tại 20:36 Wraps seem to have changed, they aren’t as tasty and they fall apart. Please use the old ingredients or wrap the food properly!
19 Oct 2019 tại 12:42 The restaurant smells like body odor, and there was grill ash all over the burritos. I understand this place is cheaper, but the quality has definitely gone down
11 Oct 2019 tại 23:40 Please wrap foil tighter as food leaks sometimes. Excellent taste and delivery though.
19 Sep 2019 tại 7:33 Order wrong, came late, not enough change, cold.
16 Sep 2019 tại 8:44 The app showed a line on the map that started at the restaurant but did not go to my house. This was confusing - was it just an image, or did the app somehow have my address wrong? The food came 10 min ahead of schedule, so I dunno.
4 Aug 2019 tại 8:33 Although the food was great, TacoLeo uses tiny staples on food containers. On the last two orders, I specifically requested NO STAPLES. However, the food came with staples and rubber bands. I feel this is a dangerous situation and I won't order again.
27 Jul 2019 tại 21:48 Big portion, fresh taste, fast delivery. Keep up the good work
22 Jul 2019 tại 1:54 Only orderd 5 plain tortilla and only recived 4. If the make mistakes at such a small order I don't want to order from them anymore