TACOLEO Hồ CHí MíNH Great Mexican Food in VietNam

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3.5 sao trên tổng 313 đánh giá
9 Aug 2020 tại 20:46 Great food and good service!
8 Jul 2020 tại 22:42 Was a loyal customer for over two years now but tonight was the final straw, tacoleo is by far the worst Mexican restaurant in this city. The menu changed, the portions are tiny and low quality, I ordered chicken and got beef, everything was cold. Disgust
8 May 2020 tại 22:59 Beef was dry, chicken was amazing.
12 Apr 2020 tại 20:51 Excellent food
11 Apr 2020 tại 19:02 Awesome food! Great veggie options
2 Apr 2020 tại 12:34 I ordered two items with no meat inside and the restaurant put beef in two of my items EVEN THOUGH IM ALLERGIC to beef. Now they refused to refund it or even apologize. Typical Vietnamese customer service. Disgusting behaviour you should be ashamed of you
9 Jan 2020 tại 23:21 Ngon, giao hàng nhanh
19 Dec 2019 tại 8:00 Ordered combo. They forgot the drink. When the delivery turned up they hadn't paid the delivery company so cost me an extra 20,000 and then the food was awful. I will never order again I wish I had read the reviews before ordering!
18 Nov 2019 tại 22:49 Ordered from here for nearly 2 years, and it’s been fantastic. But the last 4-6 weeks it has been utterly terrible. My food was stone cold again and absolutely disgusting tonight. I will not be ordering again.